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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tree House Tales is hours away from completion

"Almost there. Almost there." 
said the leader of the attack squadron shortly before he blew up.

I have:
A manuscript which has:
20 stories in "Fantasy, Mostly"
13 short pieces in "Reality, Whatever That Is"
15 grayscale illustrations 
Extracts from five Narenta Tumult novels
one correction I still need to fix
one additional paragraph (The novelette keeps yelling "Feed Me!" It thinks it's a novel)

A recently remodeled front cover with new copper wiring, pipes and a huge patio.

A sort of spine that's too large and refuses to shrink

I know. It looks well-behaved enough here but take my word for it...

A back cover that needs redoing.
Or not. 
Does the font look squiggly to you, or is it my eyes?
Yes, I know. It's squiggly. Sigh.

(... but I don't WANT to retype all that...)

accomplishing all of the steps that Amazon wants. Picky, picky, picky.
example: I have "categories" but I have yet to write book description.
I've had enough trouble trying to characterize Tree House Tales to friends who already sort of know what I'm doing, sort of.
Maybe Amazon will accept a link to this blog entry?

I'll update this before the end of the day, two minutes before I take a nap.
A LONG nap.
Please comment if you have any thoughts about anything.
(No, I don't know why the ocean is so close to the shore.)

With many thanks to many friends but, at the moment, mostly to Grace (publisher & Amazon intricacies guru) without which there would be no sanity here. And no almost-entirely-ready book. The sanity may be slipping anyway but at least Grace postponed it.

SherryT (maybe)
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