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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fantasizing Fotos Fridays #10

Remember to think about the picture and imagine what is going on
before looking at what I wrote. No two people will imagine the same thing.
That would be weird.

My first thoughts, "But I want to see the rest!" I wish the photographer had taken a step back to catch more detail along the edges--particularly at the top and left. Even though the picture already blesses us with  wealth of detail before me.

I confess that I'm already overwhelmed with "input" and yet I crave even more--the better to envision where this inviting building is. Why was this built in what appears to be an unpopulated maybe even an isolated area? ("More input!" I demand, mimicking Number 5 in "Short Circuit".

I spent a lot of time absorbing the many details within the borders of the picture as it is, before I refocused on the larger objects and the sections of fairly uniform color. What overarching purpose blended the smaller details with their large neighbors--those patches of a thousand thriving grasses their virginal stems forever a stranger to sharp iron. Was I making more of them all than they deserved?

Beginning again (sorry!), here's what I saw 1st and 2nd and so on. And how my impression of the building and its surroundings altered once I began focusing on what I had rather than pining for more.

A. potting shack, but with no obviously water sources?

B. an old shed surrounded by wildflowers, fine grasses and subtly stained panels, crying out to be used as a playhouse.

C. a tranquil oasis unconsciously and therefore randomly "built" over many years from chairs, a table and some plants no longer wanted, others brought here from isolated patches between rocks or rescued from the ridged growths hemmed in my old tire tracks, from not quite enough paving stones leaning against a wall for no good reason, perhaps too many baked clay shingles, last dabs of paint from old paint buckets. And a secret within a secret--hidden under a moss-grown flagstone--telling the tale of what arrived first and why.

The photograph's actual heading is below.
30 things to stop doing to yourself. #9.Stop trying to buy happiness. Many of the things we desire are expensive. But the truth is, the things that really satisfy us are totally free– love, laughter and working on our passions.
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