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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fantasizing Fotos Not-a-Friday #2

I didn't expect to post an entry today. The official arrival of Spring and my good friend Demaris had other ideas.

Demaris sent me a fun Jacquie Lawson animated card showing a "Many-Bunnied plus Labrador Prima-Ballerina ballet" set to  "The Waltz of the Flowers".  I love the cards Demaris sends from that site! 

I also appreciate how Jacquie Lawson provides recipients with an easy way to respond.

Below is a jiggery-pokeried version of the spring landscape artwork used on today's free Jacquie Lawson thank you card.

Ambiguous pictures work best when it comes to stimulating our imaginations but structured images also work.  All we have to do is give our imaginations a nudge or two. For instance we can try asking ourselves a question beginning with one of the following,

Who? What? Why? When? Where? Or use any other prompt that appeals to you.


As always, remember to think about the picture and imagine what is going on
before looking at what I wrote. No two people will imagine the same thing.
That would be weird.


I tried the reporter's friends: who, what, why, when, where, but not in that order. It was only partially successful.
Who?  (beats me)
What? (well, it's a house...)
Why? (Why what? Stop that! I already answered "what?". Well, sort of)
When? (Ooh! I know! Spring!)

Likely in an agricultural region, though sometimes well-off suburbanites choose to build farmhouse-like houses. Not this house though, for at least two reasons: There's so garage and, so far as I can tell, no driveway. The path on the left is wide-ish but nowhere near wide enough for a car.

Speaking of the path, what is it made of? First thought: concrete old enough to allow a bunch of grass around each rectangle. Or maybe just the ground trodden flat and bare from a lot of use? On the other hand, look at how light the bare soil is! Is it really dry? If so, that seems out of sync with the healthy vegetation. Wait! Back up! Bare ground could look like this after just a couple weeks without rain. No need to imagine a drought! 

Enough "where"? I'd love to know geographically where but I'll let my subconscious work on it.

Backing up one question. 

When? Not recent--again based on the lack of a garage or a driveway. I'm going in circles --orbiting garages.

Wouldn't it be cool to see a bit more of what's in front of this picture! Except I don't need to. There's an actual road there, passing right to left, but it's not close. Drivers would be able to see the house.

Or, people in carriages? Yeah... No. Not that recently but the house is old enough to remember a time of horses and early automobiles. Look at the hint of English Tudor architectural detail under the eaves.

Maybe there's more of the Tudor design behind that huge green bush.  I don't think I like the bush! For one thing, it blocks my view of the front of the house so I'm left wondering about the Tudor design. Except it has to be there, doesn't it? There's a hint of it--to the right of the bush that intends to eat the front wall of the house.

That's all for now.

(By the way, someone needs to remove the oleander. It's pretty but--like ivy--it tends to do a number on structural integrity.  Oh, north England?)

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