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Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Last Battle, cover version 3

I posted the third version of The Last Battle cover on Facebook a few minutes ago.
You'll find the full-size graphic below. (Also below is the "decluttered version.)

I wrote the following on Facebook,
With great trepidation, I present to you, "The Last Battle" cover, version 3.
The Last Battle is a 13,000 word fantasy novelette that I wrote specifically for Tree House Tales.
I hope to publish the story as a standalone on Amazon. Most likely after it has a cover.  . . . 

In the meantime, what do you think of THIS cover?

I muted the trees & cliffs at the top left to help people better focus on the sword and the boot. I'm trying to decide if I should do the same with the ground cover and the boulder. If you can do so in good conscience, please talk me out of attempting that task!  Thanks!

What second motive would I have to fade the ground cover, aside from helping you decipher what you're looking at? 

I was walking down the yellow brick...   Oops! Wrong answer. 

So why else make ground cover only to (maybe) fade it nearly into non-existence? (unless you take pity on me) I guess so that the boot doesn't look like it's floating through the air? Oh! Also in the hopes no one asks me why there's a boulder on the cover. Sometimes a boulder is just a boulder.

The cover required that a fighter's boot be on it from the beginning. It represents an essential theme in the novelette. 

The sword--with that persistent "blood moon"--found its way on to the cover mostly because first reviewers suggested I provide some hint to prospective readers that The Last Battle is fantasy. Once I conceded that including a fantasy-type sword would be a good move, I became enamored of the idea. I've dubbed it Essential Cover Element #2.

Spoiler alert: neither this sword nor anything like it appears in The Last Battle.
On the other hand, the sword's trappings fit the characteristics of a number of characters in the story. The blood moon is not false advertising. It's not in the story but its doppelganger is.

On the other hand (or five) the sky, trees, cliffs, ground cover and boulder triumphed over their two closest rivals for the post of cover background. What were their rivals?
White background.
Black background.
Frankly, I just wanted to get this thing done so both those options were very tempting. 

The Last Battle, cover version 3 B follows. I didn't quite succumb to either a black or white cover but I did clean out most of the clutter.

Speaking of which, please help me get this thing done by leaving any suggestions below--with the single exception of "start over". 

It's really easy. Not starting over. Commenting. And safe. Honest. You don't need to sign on using your Google account or your Facebook updated status, or your checking account # and PIN, to post a comment.

While you're visiting, why not read the first two scenes of The Last Battle? Just look for the entry titled, "And Now For Something Completely Different".

Thanks again!

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