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Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Last Battle, cover version 2

The Last Battle cover (second attempt)

"The Last Battle" is a 13,000 word fantasy novelette that I wrote specifically for Tree House Tales.

I hope to publish the story as a standalone on Amazon. Eventually. ;-D

In the meantime, what do you think of THIS cover?  Thanks!


There's already a response on FB, "I can't even tell what's it's supposed to be."

Do you agree? Do you have a different reaction?

Please respond below. I won't bite.  ;-D


  1. Is that a sword or dagger blade swooshing up out of the heel, or am I totally misreading that part of the image?

    Confession: When I first saw this cover, I thought the bloody boot was a headless torso. Zoiks!

    1. So I'm still not getting it right, huh?
      (Did I hear a "duh"?)

      The blade is supposed to be coming down and stabbing the boot. Maybe, a "down arrow" next to it is in order? ;-D

      When, not if, I go back to the drawing board, do you think that removing the moon, inserting a whole sword for that little piece of it, and (uh) putting in something behind the sword would work?

      Or would I be best off dumping the bottom half of the cover as well, and just starting over?

      Thank you for telling it like it is!
      Under the Mercy,


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