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Sunday, August 3, 2014

And Now For Something Completely Different

Well not that completely different...

I was on vacation in Ocean City, New Jersey for two weeks in June. During that time, I took over 700 pictures plus two videos. Both videos alternate between sharp & blurry depending on which hand was supporting the camera at any given moment. (pout)

I'd like to show you some OCNJ videos which are both sharp and interesting. Not mine by definition. I spent a couple hours earlier today watching OCNJ videos at YouTube just for you. Such a torment!
Here's what I chose:

Ocean City, NJ, "America's Greatest Family Resort" is Happy!
Published on Jun 13, 2014
6:05 minutes
Music by: This City- Patrick Stump featuring Lupe Fiasco and Happy- Pharrell Williams
Visit us at

I understand that some other south Jersey shore resort town challenged Ocean City to create a promo film better than the one they had created. Don't know what other town it was. Don't know who "won".
OCNJ should get marks for upbeat energy!

Captured stills:


"Ocean City, New Jersey: A Short Film by Joey Buzzeo"
4:57 minutes
Published on Aug 19, 2013
Thanks For Watching!

This is my favorite video. Joey Buzzeo obviously loves Ocean City and he knows just what to film to show people who have never visited why they should. The following are stills from the video--sort of.

Approaching Ocean City from under the causeway.
Click to enlarge this and you will be able to see Ocean City on the horizon.

Garden at the Forum

Sunglare on breakers

Aerial View of Playland

Big Wheel at the Wonderland Pier

Unicycle, the original big wheel

Walking The Boards At Night


The Boardwalk - Ocean City, NJ
by Ronn Trekking
Published on May 30, 2013
11:28 minutes
"A bike ride on the Ocean City, New Jersey Boardwalk on May 17, 2013. This video was done before Memorial Day weekend so the bike and foot traffic on the Boardwalk was light."

Well, you learn something new every day. In this case, how long it takes to bike the length of the official Ocean City boardwalk. Ronn Trekking biked the boards from somewhere around 25th street (?) north up past the numbered streets, which means he covered the northmost 2.5 miles of the boardwalk. The film lasts eleven and a half minutes. If you're thinking about doing the math, Brandon, bear in mind that a short bit of video is missing. Ronn cuts from just before he reaches the Port O Call hotel until he's well past it, so it actually took him longer than eleven & half minutes to cover the distance.

Aside from the embedded math problem, I suspect only Ocean City groupies will enjoy this video. The OC-enamored will enjoy the challenge of seeing how many shops & restaurants they recognize as each one flashes by.  (Demaris, this one's for you!)


Two videos of Night in Venice Boat Parades. The first was filmed in 2012 & the second in 2013. I debated about providing the links because in my opinion neither video does justice to the parade. In each case, I was left wondering where the later portions of the parades were. After full sunset, 100s of lights on boats and houses sparkle and reflect on the water.

Night in Venice 2014 was just a week ago. Maybe someone will post a video for that. In the meantime, these 2012 and 2013 videos may provide a taste of what a twilight boat parade looks like. 
(I captured a couple of frames from each video. See below.)

Night in Venice 2012
4:06 minutes
(stills set to music)

Night in Venice boat parade in Ocean City (2013)
by pressofAtlanticCity1 year ago
Published on Jul 20, 2013
11:43 minutes

Parade Line Forming #1 (2013)

Parade Line Forming #2 (2013)

2012 Night in Venice Parade #1

2012 Night in Venice Parade #2 (a storm blew through during the parade)

2012 Night in Venice Parade #3

Have you ever wondered what Ocean City year-round residents do New Year's Eve and New Year's Day? T/h/e/r/e/s/ a/n  a/p/p/ f/o/r t/h/a/t/  video for that!

Ocean City NJ, 2010 into 2011 by John Thornton
Uploaded on Jan 3, 2011
"The close of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 for the town of Ocean City New Jersey is documented in this music and fun filled documentary. From a snow storm to a Beatles tribute band, Japanese drummers and a Polar Bear Plunge, this film has it all!"

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