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Friday, August 15, 2014

Fantasizing Fotos Fridays #3

Fantasizing Fotos Fridays #3
What's the story behind these pictures?

copyright, Mountain Diaries,Ramyareddy

Remember to think about the picture and imagine what is going on before looking at what I wrote. No two people will imagine the same thing. That would be weird.

Male, female shapes blur in mist-soft light, entering with early morning sun haloed about them. Seeking refuge? A deed to accomplish? A truth tucked in riddled words?
Is this forest a host of mankind’s secrets? The smooth bridge betrays human intrusion. Tall trees, thriving undergrowth suggest ancient memories tucked within each brittle leaf. Something hastens to meet the visitors before they leave the bridge & tread into old memories. Do they know? The forest does. 

A Thought: Maybe they're walking away from us. Perhaps they're passing each other. Which of those three did you imagine? Something else entirely? Cool!
If you like, go back to the picture and assume one the other possibilities.
What's happening now?
And now?

Silhouettes provide less information so they offer more latitude for our creativity.


Just for a laugh...

"Oh, no! Not again!" (He wasn't always a bowl of petunias.)*


I'm cheating. I took this picture, so I know what it really is. 

Never let your creativity shut down because you know what something is. 

What do artists and authors use as the building blocks for their creations?
Anything we find. Fortunately there's a never-ending supply, no matter where we are or what we're doing. We use our imaginations to select, to rearrange and join our fragments in just the right way, creating something no one else ever has.


* Agrajag in Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series.

I created the photographic building block above years ago while trying to scan my cat. 
No felines were injured in the creation of this blog entry.

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