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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Need a Breakthrough?

I'm thinking about two words ahead of what I'm typing. Please bear with me.

I sat at the computer planning to check balances, pay bills & work on my September budget. (Social Security day does that to a retiree.) Before I started signing on to my bank I stopped or rather I took a familiar detour. You know the one: the email in-box.

I promise myself that I'll only be there a minute. Frequently that's even true.

An hour later I "wake up" on some site that frankly isn't even that interesting. What am I doing here? By what curious pathways did I travel? Judging from the number of newly open tabs I've got the attention span of a goldfish. Well, I knew that.

But back to just now. My next jump was to FaceBook, the "other email" check. An extra FB window was open. Something about authors and evidently the result of a wander I took earlier today.

I may have stopped there because of a photo with an encouraging message across it...
Cool, huh? A message I really need right now and it just pops up!
Wow! Do I hear celestial bells ringing from behind that cloud? 

I read a line or two and clicked on a link before I had a chance to get really excited. Might have known.

1. page having something to do with authors, plus 
2. graphic mentioning "breakthrough"
Someone willing to help you get your book published for just $1000

I wasn't deflated by the reveal--I've seen it too many times. But sites like this always make me sad for the poor people who will buy into the dream. (Sorry about the pun.)

While one brain cell was busy processing this, another cell had moved back to the sunlight-edged cloud in the graphic. I love creating graphics, fiddling with them, merging them. This second overachieving brain cell was already working on creating a "breakthrough image". Sunlight of course. Breaking through... Hm. Duh! Breaking through a wall!

I have a file of free graphics like images of the sun but I'd need a broken wall... Or something I could alter to resemble one...

New window. Search for " wall". Wait. Try "broken wall" first. You never know... Specify graphic files...

Well on my way down yet another rabbit trail of wasted time, I ran into the following picture.

Maikel fotografie: Urbex Atelier Decor   31 December 2012 bezochten we met 3en deze verlaten villa met atelier ergens in BelgiĆ«

Does this look familiar? Not so much? Well, this looks like my life.

Life challenges have a way of accumulating to the point where I expect the Referee to blow the whistle, signaling "Piling On!", followed by an immediate five yard positive change in my situation.

Sometimes we're blessed with exactly that. Minus finding ourselves fifteen feet from where we were just seconds earlier. (Ouch! Who put that wall there?)

I've been playing host to a chain reaction of life events for nearly two months now, every one of them sunbeam-resistant.

From past experience I know to keep jiggery-poking for solutions during an impasse. Do I work at that diligently, hope in my heart? Huh? I work in fits and starts, i.e.feeling hopeless and having a fit before I make myself re-start. Do I ever get really frustrated? You're kidding. It's not like I'm expecting a breakthrough just under a layer of dust. But it is there somewhere. Isn't it?

I pray that it is. Again. Like the other times.

To all those who need a breakthrough...

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