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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Friday, Again?

I should save this for next Friday's Fantasizing Fotos...but I didn't want to.

What do you make of this picture?

For those new to Fantasizing Fotos Fridays, here are the essential parts of my wordy introduction from the first entry:

"In my opinion, every human being has at least one "vulnerability"* in our personalities. I'm one of the "auto-fantasizer" bunch. Actually, I believe that most people are without realizing it.  "...someone who looks through a shop window at people talking and can't resist theorizing about what they're discussing. Maybe there's nothing going on but that hardly matters! Give us a few minutes, and there will be!
*  "Vulnerability"? I wrote that? Hah! Make that super cool innate hobby!

"As a fantasy author, I use my creativity to write stories ... but I’m fascinated by photos & paintings. Ambiguous pix stimulate our imaginations. We wonder, What’s she thinking? or Why would anyone make that? or Why does that tree attract me/make me feel uneasy? When we make up answers, that’s our imaginations making up stories.

"I intend to post a picture here every Friday.I hope you will enjoy looking at the pictures and that you'll take a couple of minutes to offer your reactions of whatever kind. No two people will imagine the same thing. That would be way weird! Please offer your thoughts in the comments."

Back to this entry. What do you see in the picture above?

Hold that thought!


The second picture may or may not help you with the first one.

I saw the picture just below first, and followed its link to Vimeo and the picture above.

Seeing them in that order--the second as part of a video with an explanation under it--

destroyed the ambiguity and the fun of theorizing what I was looking at.

Now, what do you think?

Here's more about the second photograph:

Wind Reactive Ink Alters Clothing Color Based on Contact with the Air
"...London-based artist Lauren Bowker and her material exploration studio THE UNSEEN have developed a form of ink that’s reactive to the different fluctuations in the wind as well as our own body...

"...Air’s nano compounds, inks, and dyes are capable of sensing up to seven stimuli: heat, UV, pollution, moisture, chemicals, friction, and sound. Each element has a different color-altering effect..."

I found the entire article fascinating, in the "What will they think of next?" way and in the "I don't want to know what it costs!" way. I suspect these garments are very pricy even for couture. 

The first photo was a capture from a video at the Vimeo site which demonstrates how the fluctuations in color excited by minute variations in the air altered the appearance of the garment. I tried to catch the fluctuations when they were at their most metallic since this already reminded me of armor.
(Does it resemble Japanese samurai armor or is that just me?  . . .   "It's just you!!!")

Thanks as much to the garment's shape  as its texture, the second photograph seemed like a bird's body merged with a woman's head. Yes, surreal but also kind of cool in a fantasy world shape-shifting character way. Hmm. What sort of plot would she need?

What did you think of the photos?

With thanks to:
Lauren Bowker and her material exploration studio THE UNSEEN
My Modern Met    and    Vimeo

If you know of a site that features ambiguous artwork or photographs, 
please let me know. (Nothing offensive)

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