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Monday, September 1, 2014

Fantasizing Fotos Fridays #5

Last Friday became this Monday, thanks to things. You all know how things will do that so enough said?

                                                                                Unnamed at website  @ Amy Brener
Click to enlarge!

Remember to think about the picture and imagine what is going on before looking at what I wrote. No two people will imagine the same thing. That would be weird.

Really weird this time! I blundered into this photograph (ouch!) somewhere on the web, undoubtedly while researching some subject for something I'm writing. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.) 

If the photograph had a caption, it provided no title for the work or any other hint about what I was looking at. So I decided I was looking at something that was shiny... and what an interesting shape...

If we study an ambiguous picture or a three-dimenional shape long enough and if we remember we're not looking for the right answer*, our personal "Swiss Army Knife" will click into action. We never know what our imaginations will come up with until too late a scenario or even a micro-story starts forming.                        *Huh?

This is the first time I've ever studied a picture or an object and was gifted with ...  
Well, you'll see.                 

But first! What did you find?


We straggle to a stop within the last sheltering trees and study the cliffside blocking our way.
The slanted crease we thought a passageway is lichen and plants none of us recognize.
What now?
Slivers of winter sun peek down through high branches and wander over our barrier.
First one, then another of us cries out, 
Did you see? 
We rush toward the fugitive sparkle.
A keyhole?
Why here?
Does it matter? We have no key.
Wait! Look through it!

... And see what? I have no idea.

Halfway into my dialogue scraps dangling in a "no plot" vacuum, I only knew that I was writing about, "The Mica Keyhole".

What happens next? I doubt I'll ever know. What matters is I can see this scene.


I had to check references before I could post this entry. Fortunately, my browser's "history" file came to the rescue. I glanced through the original website and then chased down some links but found very little detail with regard to Amy Brener's work.  To the best of my knowledge Amy Brener hasn't given names to her individual sculptures, but she has provided some interesting analogies? analogues?

When Eric Saunders of Arts & Science Journal  interviewed Ms. Brener, she described her works like this, “Some sculptures may be markers for an unknown border, while others hint at vehicular function. Some surfaces are ordered into compositions that allude to touch-screen platforms, energy cells and the digital logic of a different reality."

"Some sculptures may be markers for an unknown border"

Which of her many works did Ms Brener see as "a marker for an unknown border"? The article doesn't say. Perhaps it was the one pictured at the top of the entry, or the one below or one of the others shown at Alice Occleppo's blog?

Crafted by Amy Brener
Photographs at  Blogger=Alice Occleppo

"These latest sculptures by New York-based artist Amy Brener are something magical. Made of a combination of materials like resin, pigment, and glass (Brener describes these as “totemic structures…of an imagined future,”) these objects combine natural and artificial aesthetics to create something familiar yet strangely distant from a what we know.
As the artist describes:

“Some sculptures may be markers for an unknown border, while others hint at vehicular function. Some surfaces are ordered into compositions that allude to touch-screen platforms, energy cells and the digital logic of a different reality. Other surfaces are left to chance: to crystallize, crack under pressure and weather with time. Common sculpture materials such as resin and concrete shed their associations and morph into geological forms. I enforce approximations of natural processes onto my sculptures. Notions of sedimentation, erosion and fossilization come into play.”

See more of Brener’s work at her website here. And read more at her MoMA Studio Visit Page here.
Erin Saunders

Unnamed at website
Sherry Thompson • 17 weeks ago (Pinterest)
(Artwork by Amy Brener)

Photos found on  (Blogger=Alice Occleppo)

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