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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fantasizing Fotos Fridays #6 Footnote!

Yes, I'm writing a footnote to FFF#6. No, I'm not going to start doing this.

Why am I writing a footnote? Because I broke our rules. I didn't allow my imagination to just absorb images and knit them together at its own speed and in its own way.

I actually enlarged the larger reproduction of Leszel Buinowaki's painting. The arch and the forest couldn't tell me their story in their own way once I began analyzing details from part of  a column instead.

See what happens when you have graphics software and you know how to use it?

At the end of FFF#6, I wrote the following: 

...Like you, I originally saw Leszel Buinowski's painting in the same-sized screen capture you did. ...I rummaged the internet looking for a larger version of his work. ..."This isn't necessarily good. All other things being equal, a larger version of the same picture will add details. (Oh, no! Not details!) Additional details may "contradict" your earlier imaginings! If they do--and if you don't like such rudeness--ignore the details! 

Yeah... Well... The bigger you blow up a detail, the more difficult it is to ignore. 

What's my "take-away"? (Is that what it's called?)  Hm. Don't do this again?

And, oh yeah, the right column has a long identation. Or not. Yawn.

I promise I'm not going to consciously pursue this detail. (We have little control over our subconscious.)

Our imaginations will provide far more intriguing raw materials than a maybe indentation if we just keep out of their way.

Oh. Here's the detail. Exciting, no?  

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