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Saturday, September 20, 2014

This Old House (Montreal's 94.7 Hits' pseudo-contest)

I stole this picture of a house and the accompanying $1,000,000 pseudo-challenge from David James" FaceBook page, because parts of the ensuing conversation thread reminded me of our Imagination-Exercising blog entries.

I don't see this photograph of an old house as useful Imagination-Exercising raw material because of the text all over it. Specifying "No-WiFi" limits the range of our imaginations since we know the photograph can be no older than the invention of WiFi.

In my opinion, you will get more practice and fun from this photo if you forget the rules of Montreal's 94.7 hits' pseudo contest and about all that print. Just think about the house and its surroundings. If you happen to think about living in the house, that's fine. If not, go with the flow in whatever direction your imagination leads you.

I will post Imagination-Exercising #6 in a few days. In the meantime, I hope you try immersing yourself in this photograph on your own.

Then, if you like, read some of the Comments from Davis James' FaceBook page. I had fun envisioning what each person imagined about the house from their comments.

94.7 Hits FM - Montreal's Hit Music Channel 

This isn't a real contest, but if it were.... Would you do it?!!       
  •    CH   Yep
       ES    Nope.
  • DW   Could I still get a wired connection?
  • ST     For a million dollars? Almost certainly. Except for these caveats--Is there electricity? Does the roof leak? Is there running water? Something reasonably comfortable to sit and to sleep on? Is the house infested with anything? Is the a fairly modern kitchen--even one as far back as my mom's?
  • ST    P.S. Lack of WiFi wouldn't be fun but I bet I'd write a lot more!
  • RDP   Yes I would
  • RG   CERTAINLY and with no reservation. Let's see, no wireless, no internet, no phone, no kids... It would be like a vacation. Heck, if it is haunted, unlike kids, I could at least exorcize the home!
  • MP   I like ST's caveats and I'd add two more, I want a boomstick and a particle accelerator....
  • MP   I also want to know if I'm allowed to roam woods too or if I have to stay indoors 24/7
  • MP   Cause I'd definitely like to wander those woods. *AWRRRRROOOOO!!!!*
  • ST    MP, I'm totally with you about woods roaming! I have sort of a crush on trees. "boomstick"? shotgun or witch's single seat aircraft?
  • MP   ST~ shotgun. Was a reference to all the Army of Darkness memes I've seen with Bruce Campbell. He carried a double barrel and used it to fight...the army of darkness.
  • ST   It would have been a darn shame if he had fought wolf-zombies instead.
  • SN   Of course
  • LH   1) can I bring my camera?
            2) can I bring a friend?
  • LH   MP- I really do need to see those movies, don't I?
  • MP   Well, I haven't seen them yet. (my movie budget is non-existant at the moment, and has been for a while)
  • ST   I saw the first a long time ago--or am I thinking about something else?
  • ST   LH: Why not? I think we're making up the rules as we go here. ;-D     But about that friend... Human? Or more like human-ghost, human-witch/warlock, human undead, alien humanoid? --- Animal? Superintelligent dog/cat/horse, were-something, toothy reptile, radioactive reptile, pegasus? (Oh, please let Lisa's friend be a sentient pegasus!)

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