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Friday, September 19, 2014

Story Tellers (repurposed Peanuts cartoon)

Liz DeJesus shared 
Liz is a member of a Delaware writers group.

Aside from consciously thinking 'what the hell happens next', 
what nonverbal activity is likely going on in any creative person's brain?


  1. One of the reasons my figure is likely much lower than 70% is that I don't have the luxury of just sitting around and staring into space.

    If I were to caption the photo, it would say something like, "God, thank you for this moment in time when I can just sit here on the dock with my dog and bask in the glory of your creation."

  2. A beautiful sight near the water inspires me to do that as well. God did some of His best Nature work when He created large and free-flowing bodies of water!

    As for this blog entry:
    I probably do less than 70 per cent of staring at the screen as well. Too much staring and I become convinced that my writer's block has become worse. Maybe it has but I don't dare dwell on THAT thought!

    More likely my ever-working subconscious will gift me a scene/dialogue out of the blue. Next I repeat the essence of that flash of inspiration out loud as I find and open the proper file. If you're working on several projects at the same time, trust me--the one you need -right now- is also the one you closed recently.
    Thanks for the response, Xanthorpe!



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