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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Imagination-Exercising #4

You Have Been Invited To An Imagining

A reminder before we begin. I invite you to play with this scenario in whatever way pleases you. 


Don't second-guess your imagination. Don't push.

Refrain from digging for "hidden meanings" afterwards.*

Okay, then...

Imagine inviting a few guests to a meal.

You may want to make use of the following idea list.
Or create your scene in some other way. 


The general location and time of day/night

Who you choose to invite

Menu and eating arrangements

What you choose to wear or anything you plan to do or say.

Everything in place?

Before you begin this second part, you might want to glance at the prompts below, then close your eyes.

Or not.

Immerse yourself in the scene. Feel it, smell it, but try not to think about it in words.

Allow yourself to wander about.

What are you standing on? How does it feel?

What do you hear?

Do you see something interesting?

Do you glimpse someone you hadn't invited?

What else is there that maybe you didn't plan?

Take a few moments before opening your eyes.

* Work at it hard enough and we may be able to persuade ourselves that a silver lace doily or a string of nonsense words have some "deep psychological meaning"--just as we can wedge a jigsaw puzzle piece into the wrong place with a big enough mallet and some Crazy Glue.

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