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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Imagination-Exercising #6

Disqualified:  Remembering

...situations from your past, a family member's past or a friend's past.

Illustration by Julia Gamolina

Imagine someone you don't know having a plan you have never had. 

Hint: Get to know your imaginary person before you do anything else. Make sure you stay within your person's thoughts (in character) throughout.

Now imagine their goal as clearly as you can.

Using at least three steps, create a scenario in which the person's original plan ends up resembling the tangled graph.

How does this person react?

Reverse Graphs 

(different plan, different person, different results)

A different person expects their plan to result in the situation we see represented by the tangled graph. For whatever reason (your choice) they must still make the attempt. 

Again, be sure to keep yourself immersed in this second person's thoughts.

Create a scenario--in at least three steps--where things work out in spite of the difficulties your person foresaw.

How does this person react?

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