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Saturday, September 20, 2014

"Observe Less. Imagine More."

“Imagination is the key to creativity. Take all the possibilities you’ve ever noticed and weave them together.”
“If you are able to imagine it, it is not “unrealistic”.
 “Inspiration comes forth from within. It’s what the light burning within you is about, as opposed to motivation, which is doing it because if you don’t do it, there will be negative repercussions."                                                                 ~ all quotations, Abraham Hicks*

Alice Rhyslynn*
Observationalist extraordinaire
Folktale and Fantasy Artist
Seeker of the Deep Magic

Freedom’s Realm Studios
Haida Gwaii, British Columbia


*Why this entry exists

Saw a picture on FB I liked.
Wanted to post it here but I wasn't sure who the artist was.
Did a Google search for the one name on the picture.
He wasn't the artist. Perhaps a "prosperity & happiness now" guru?
Saved three of his phrases that happen to mention Imagination, Creativity & Inspiration.
Redid my search using Google Image.
Bumped my nose on several paintings, none of them the one with which I started.
Pinned a couple of them, chiefly cats both big and small.
Remembered why I was scanning images.
Fell down a fascinating rabbit hole called "Here At The Studio"
Read Alice Rhyslynn's absorbing account of her adventures beginning in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia and--months or years later--ending in Haida Gwaii.
Based on her web logo, decided that Alice Rhyslynn created the picture I saw on FB.
Wanted to like her or fan her somewhere or other, but couldn't find a place to do it.
Wanted to have (low-priced) "Narenta Tumults" cover art painted by her.
As if.
Settled for bookmarking her website and posting this entry.

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