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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Fantasy World Map

 "The Fantasy World Map", charted by Dan Meth.

Narnia, Middle Earth, Wonderland, Avalon...Thanks to Dan Meth, intrepid Faerie World cartographer, we now know which lands of the imagination are but a dragon ride between and which journeys will require the traveler snag a tesseract. 

But some legendary lands & their people are missing! Which ones? 

What’s your l/i/t/e/r/a/r/y/ storybook ancestry?

From what character-ancestor or author-mentor did you inherit your ... uh, ... calling, or whatever you call it?

What land has the best cuisine? 

The coolest clothing? 

Where would you choose to live?  To where don't you dare ever return?*

From what people would you choose to learn? And what would that be, particularly?**

To where would you go for adventure? (as opposed to a suicide mission,  sacred quest, dynastic overthrow, or snark hunt)

Where would you take a holiday? Who would you take with you?*** 

Which people throw the best parties? Besides you?

*Rumors? No, no rumors.

**Me, nosy? Why- Eek! Next question?

***  (willingly)

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