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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Imagination-Exercising #7

Advice from Ernest Hemingway

Write the truest sentence that you know

Consider your options carefully. I mean don't settle for: 
"The earth orbits the sun." 
"I have two noses  eyes, one nose, two ears and one mouth."


Stuck? Here's a few ideas that may inspire you to create one that is better.
Your choice, as always.

Compose a sentence to convey a truth about which you feel strongly.

Have you have observed something about a person or a group of friends which always holds true for them? That "something" may inspire your truest sentence. 
(Just think before sharing)

Ironic statements sometimes point to a truth but do they qualify as the truest sentence?
It may depend on your wording.

Take time to dig deep inside yourself. What is true about you?


Got it? Good
You've done what Ernest Hemingway recommended!

Can you do what SherryT recommends?

"Write the falsest sentence that you can."

As in the Hemingway exercise, don't settle for:
"Everyone on Earth lives a mile above the Grand Canyon."
Coffee is just a cup of tea brewed backwards.

Here's a better effort.
Can you create a sentence falser than the following one?
"Painstaking research has demonstrated that everyone on Earth is honest."


Mine? Eh. See below.
"I've always thought my brain contained Fig Newton crumps
but now I see that was just a fignewton of my amalgamation."

I'm not satisfied with mine yet but I'm out of time for now.

Fantasizing Fotos Fridays #9 will be up soon!

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